Calculate your package prices like a math wiz

without actually having to do any of the math.

The calculator that lets you create custom packages in seconds

AND immediately see how it impacts your bottom line.

(And it was built by a former math teacher who knows how to break it down to the smallest, easiest steps. No complicated ugly calculator here.)

Your goals should drive your prices and help you PROFIT.

Is this you?

Your pricing is based off . . .

  • something you copy and pasted from a competitor's website.
  • your gut feeling or mood that day.
  • your hourly rate from your last low-paying job.
  • what you charged last year.

Pricing isn't a trick math problem on an ACT test. Pricing is the tool we use to meet our goals and grow our businesses.

Pricing is fun.

What is included

What people are saying


For me, the best part of this was the bottom portion. Whenever you’re able to see/work with the % of weddings you’d need booked at each range rather than focusing solely on the “average”. That’s what makes this different for me than other pricing calculators I’ve tried!


OKAY. So this is dope, dude. I realized I had naturally shifted my prices +40% last month and have already booked 6 weddings at those prices for 2021 and at 34 weddings next year, so now, I'm like "okay I can raise another 10% for the remaining 6 weddings and go from there."


Genius! Super helpful to be able to see how the packages adjust side by side and then how they effect the overall revenue. The calculator is super intuitive and easy to navigate.

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Tia Nash

Tia Nash is a wedding photographer who was able to turn their photography side hustle to a full time six figure business in their second year. Their secret was in strategy, marketing and efficiency tools like this calculator.

If you are confused about pricing, I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO.

I bring my 8 years as a math teacher to the table with this calculator. I give you ALL the math knowledge without you having to do any math.

The calculator is for the busy entrepreneur who wants to focus on goals and profit. Let me help you see how pricing is fun!